Expunging and Sealing

Sealing and expunging your record have similarities. However, hiring an attorney well-versed in this area can save a lot of time and money. The number one difference between the ability to have a case sealed or expunging it is what the result was of your case.

You can only go with the expunging route in a case that was not filed, dropped by the prosecutor, or dismissed by the court. You can seal a case if you received a withholding of adjudication (that you were not formally convicted). And, there are a number of types of crimes that are ineligible to be sealed (such as domestic violence).

Do not confuse sealing your record or expunging it with having your rights restored if you are a convicted felon. That is a completely different process, for different reason, with different results. Before attempting to seal or expunge your record, contact Shulman Law to assist you with the process. If you make a mistake or incorrectly apply, the wait can be substantial. At the moment, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (who oversees this process) is running behind by at least four months. That means a properly filed application can sit waiting for FOUR MONTHS for review. Contact Shulman Law to make sure you application is done the correct way, or you could be waiting for over a year to get the results you need.

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