Community Control and Probation Violation

A huge percentage of criminal cases are resolved through plea negotiations. Quite often, a plea will include a term of community control or probation. Should you violate either, the consequences can be significant. Rather than have the right to a jury trial, a violation of community control or probation is tried before the judge. The rules of evidence are different. There is much more leeway in what evidence the court can hear in a violation than in a trial, making it easy for prosecutors to prove the violation.

Why is it important to have aggressive representation at a violation hearing? In Florida, if you violate community control or probation, you’re facing the same maximum that you would have faced on the original charge. A dirty urine test could land you a 30-year sentence. The stakes are high. And, there is always the option to have your probation reinstated – but did you know that every violation of community control or probation increases your scoresheet? A scoresheet, used in every felony in Florida, is a worksheet for the court that documents your prior history, your current charges, and the number of violations you’ve had. Every violation racks up significant points for future violations!

Make sure you hire a knowledgeable attorney, such as Shulman Law, to represent you at a violation of probation or community control hearing. There are laws that have been passed, under the Anti-Murder Act, that impact whether you can receive a bond and whether the court can reinstate you. If your attorney doesn’t know what a “danger hearing” is, then they don’t know the applicable law! Contact Shulman law to discuss your options, and determine the best way to approach your case.

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