Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases can range from a second-degree misdemeanor to a capital felony. These cases are often emotionally complex and filled with pitfalls where if you were arrested, you could be subject to additional charges by not following the rules of the court. Immediately following an arrest, hire an attorney to walk you through your case and to explain the orders of the court to make sure that you can stay free on bond while your case is pending.

The crimes that fall under domestic violence cases are assault, battery, violation of an injunction, stalking, felony battery, aggravated battery, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, strangulation, false imprisonment, various sex crimes, manslaughter, and even murder. Most jurisdictions have created courtrooms specifically designed to handle domestic violence cases, with prosecutors that are dedicated to just those types of cases.

To defend against domestic violence charges, it is imperative to hire an attorney early on. There may be evidence that needs to be collected at the onset of the case (such as voicemail, text messages, photographs of injuries or damage, social media messages). The longer you wait, the more information could disappear that could be helpful to your case.

Many times during a domestic case, there is also a RESTRAINING ORDER that needs to be addressed. There is a separate judge and courtroom where restraining orders, also known as injunction cases are heard. At Shulman Law, you can rely on years of experience in handling domestic cases and restraining order cases. Did you know that if you speak during a restraining order hearing, that the transcript or recording could be used against you in a criminal trial? This is one of the many reasons you need a competent attorney standing by your side.

A violation of a restraining order can lead to jail time and to fines. A violation of a “no contact order,” imposed by the domestic violence judge, can also lead to jail time and fines. And, one of the most common ways you can violate either a restraining order or a no contact order is by contacting the victim. Here, it is essential to NOT make contact with the victim. Do not call. Do not text. Do not agree to meet up for coffee. Even if the victim wants to reconcile, do not respond until the court has addressed your case. The only person who will end up with new charges is YOU! Should a victim reach out to you while your domestic violence case is pending, contact your attorney immediately to preserve the evidence.

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