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Attorney Sasha Shulman has practiced criminal law for over a decade in Broward County. She has extensive knowledge and experience in litigation, having tried cases ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murder. Sasha has handled cases that received national media attention and homicide cases that were featured on The First 48. She has a phenomenal trial record involving all types of cases. While Sasha cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, below are some examples of recently closed cases.
Sasha also has extensive knowledge in the area of Estate Planning. Relying on her litigation skills, she focuses on preparing an Estate Plan so that your heirs avoid the costly expense of going to court after you pass.  Sasha’s skill set as a seasoned litigator brings a unique perspective to Estate Planning.
Additionally, check out the reviews from some of Sasha’s former clients. Sasha is known for her hard work, dedication, attention to detail…and, most importantly, her commitment to putting her clients first.


Case No. 16-XXXXX
73 year old man with significant disabilities was arrested for Grand Theft.


Case was approved for a Diversion program, and was dismissed.
Case No. 16-XXXXX
26 year old man was arrested for Driving on a Suspended License. The evidence was reviewed and the facts, as relayed by the police officer, were challenged. A motion to dismiss was filed, attacking the evidence and the legality of the arrest. The client was in custody, with a revoked bond, due to a new arrest.


The client was offered time served and was released from custody.

Case No. 16-XXXXX

19 year old nursing student was arrested for Domestic Violence involving an incident with her brother. Upon review of the facts, there were inconsistencies between what the brother reported and what the evidence showed.


After urging the prosecutor to review the evidence, particularly the 911 call, the case was declined prior to filing.

Case No. 17-XXXXX

53 year old man with zero criminal history was arrested for Domestic Battery involving an ex-girlfriend. He was accused of pushing her and hitting her. The case was thoroughly investigated pre-filing, and it was learned that the ex-girlfriend was extorting the Client for hundreds of dollars and fabricated the charges. The claims of violence were also contradicted by evidence produced at the urging of the defense.


Case declined prior to filing.


“Sasha Shulman is an excellent attorney. Her fees are very reasonable, and she is extremely competent. I would highly recommend her!” – Client S.G., 2017, Estate Planning

“I had a great experience at Shulman Law in getting my will, trust and other important documents in order. Before meeting Sasha, I checked other local attorneys and glad I did! Shulman Law is very competitively priced for the South Florida area. Sasha is personable and genuine. She listened to my concerns and needs before offering any recommendations – that to me is a true professional. I highly recommend Sasha and Shulman Law to others.” Client S.R., 2016, Estate Planning

“Sasha is a fantastic lawyer that helped me through a very difficult time. She was compassionate and willing to listen. I would highly recommend her services, she was very knowledgeable in helping me with making changes to my estate.” Client M.G., 2016, Estate Planning

“I was referred to Sasha by a friend. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. I was very happy with her services, she quickly got me diversion. She called to keep me updated at every step of the process. I would recommend her to anyone that has criminal charges.” Client P.T., 2016, Criminal Defense

“I was faced with a felony charge and was recommended to Sasha. She has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and has handled my case very calmly. I have medical conditions which only she has fully understood, allowing me to cope with this matter in a semi-calm way. I highly recommend everyone to speak with Sasha prior to selecting an attorney.” Client, L.S., 2016, Criminal Defense

“If anybody in South Florida needs the top lawyer, hit up Sasha Shulman. You won’t be disappointed! I am so thankful for her. The whole community should know what a great job she does for her clients.” Client, A.F., 2017, Criminal Defense

“Sasha was so helpful,I don’t know what I would have done without her.” Client, M.C., 2017, Criminal Defense