Areas of Practice

Areas of practice: Estate Planning and Criminal Law

Estate Planning: Take control of your legacy now with advice from Shulman Law. The goal is to assist you with planning for the future and determining the proper method for distribution of your assets. Your planning needs to start now to protect what you have during life, and to ensure that the distribution is made in a way you want. Leave nothing to chance! No matter how big or small your estate, everyone needs estate planning. Shulman Law can advise you as to the most advantageous strategy, offering comprehensive estate planning services, as well as affordable packages that will cover all of your basic needs. Take control of your future by leading your legacy.
Criminal Law: It is important to know your options and your rights no matter what type of crime you have been charged with. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a major felony, it is important to have an aggressive approach to get results. Shulman Law offers services including bond hearings, motion practice and trial litigation. Additionally, Ms. Shulman represents those seeking to expunge or seal their criminal case or arrest.